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At the Wisconsin Club, we strive to provide our members and their guests the absolute BEST private club experience possible. It's an experience highlighted by personalized service, consistency, and attention to detail. As a member, you'll receive an exceptional private club experience at a great value. All members have access to our dining spaces, unique and exciting member events, private event spaces, valet parking, shuttle service, access to tickets, and premium event experiences. Click below, or email Shayne Donohue, Membership Sales Manager - - to learn more!

First-Class Services Valet parking & Shuttle Service
First-Class VIP Services
First-Class VIP Services
First-Class VIP Services

Amenities to enhance the comfort of our members and their guests. Privacy, proximity, and convenience are key for our door-to-door service.

Signature Member Events A wide variety of events offering exclusive opportunities to entertain family, friends, and business associates.
Gourmet wine dinners, cooking classes, indoor and outdoor events with live entertainment. Kids and family themed events. Travel to sporting events locally and destinations across the country.
Business & Private Event Spaces Corporate & Business Events, Weddings, and Special Occasions.
Business & Private Event Spaces
Business & Private Event Spaces
The Wisconsin Club Way Our Connected Community

We're committed to providing an exceptional experience as a full-service private club, building trust through good communication and consistency. Our membership is engaged, interactive, and supportive of one another, fostering strong connections.

Premium Event Experiences Access to the hottest tickets in town!

Tickets for sports events, theater performances, concerts, and other sought-after entertainment experiences. We provide our members with access to prime seating and exclusive opportunities to access VIP tickets through partnerships or reserved allocations to enhance your overall experience.  

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